Press Release for American Mail Order Bride Series

Wow. This is an amazing feat that 45 authors have accomplished. Below you will find the press releases for the Sooper Sekrit project titled The American Mail-Order Bride Series that Kirsten Osbourne and fellow authors have been working on. You will find a link to the free prequel and this book covers for each other and their state. When you click on the cover of each book it will take you to the author’s amazon page where you can preorder 24 books of the 50 books coming out.

This went to RT

Be a part of an unprecedented event as forty-five authors come together to bring you a new series of epic proportions. On fifty consecutive days beginning November 19, 2015, a romance will be published featuring a mail order bride, one set in each of the fifty states. The books will be released in the order they were admitted to the union. The stories all take place in 1890, when a factory fire in the East burns to the ground, leaving these women unemployed. Share the experiences of these women as they seek love and new lives across the United States.

This went to USA Today

This is a 50 book project, with 45 or so authors, each releasing a 35-45k book with a connecting initial premise. There will be an initial kickoff on November 1, with a Facebook party and release of the prequel. Then on November 19, the first book, by Kit Morgan will be released and every day, through January 7, a different book will be released, each set in a different state or territory, and the order of release corresponds with the order that state became a state.

The year is 1890, and the initial premise, with a prequel written by USA Today best-selling author, Kirsten Osbourne, is that these girls all work together in the Mill town of Lawrence, MA in a sweat shop environment where they are all seamstresses. A fire that levels the building and business puts the girls all out of work and without many options. In Beckham, MA, there is a match-maker, Elizabeth that plants the idea with the girls of becoming mail-order brides. Each girl moves to a different state as a mail-order bride, and eventually finds love.

We are really excited about this project, which includes many bestselling authors, even a few New York Times and USA Today top sellers such as Debra Holland, Kirsten Osbourne, Callie Hutton and branching out from success in the cozy mystery genre, Leighann Dobbs. There are also many new rising stars in the western historical genre such as Cindy Caldwell, Hildie McQueen, Amelia Adams and Ashley Merrick, and many more.

The books share a common cover template of an American flag draped down the left side, for branding purposes and when the project launches in November, there will also be a dedicated page with all the covers in order of release and buy links.


KitMorgan1 Willow25-21~HopeBrideofNewJersey3  AMOB-mollie-cover-4


Author List

Amelia Adams

Mia Blackwood

Bella Bowen

E.E. Burke

Cindy Caldwell

Patricia Carroll

Linda Carroll-Bradd

Emily Claire

Clemmons, Caroline

Carra Copelin

Katie Crabapple

Janelle Daniels

Diane Darcy

Leighann Dobbs

Penny Estelle

Merry Farmer

Lorrie Farrely

Trinity Ford

Rose Gordon

Lily Graison

Shanna Hatfield

Cassie Hayes

Peggy L. Henderson

Debra Holland

Kirstin Holt

Heather Horrocks

Susan Horsnell

Linda Hubalek

Callie Hutton

Clara Kincaid

Ciara Knight

Kirsten Lynn

Kristy McCaffrey

Sylvia McDaniel

Hildie McQueen

Ashley Merrick

Kit Morgan

Kirsten Osbourne

Debra Parmley

Jacquie Rogers

Margery Scott

Margaret Tanner

Heidi Vanlandingham

Carre White

Cindy Woolf


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